Swedish solutions are now producing prefabricated passive houses for the UK market. The timber frame kit houses will have triple glazed windows to passive U-value as standard. All timber to the timber frame will be C24 Swedish graded supplied with passive seals and tapes. All insulation will be Swedish high quality stone wool Paroc with U-values from 0.15W/M2k to 0.11W/M2k 

Energy system cost and calculation Low Energy Timber frame

House type: Narvik 163.7M2 - click here to view

Wall Frame: 0.15W/M2K Low energy

Windows: 0.9 W/M2K triple glazed ALU glad Swedish standard

Roof Insulation horizontal: 550mm standard U-value 1.1W/M2K

Heating Air source: Heat pump

Foundation: 1.2W/M2K Swedish eps 300mm

Air tightness: 0.3l/ps

Exterior door: 0.11W/M2K

Total energy use: 32.4Kwh/m2yx163.7m2=5303KWh/y x1.50kr=79545kr/y English sterling 11.2 to the pound.

Total Energy consumption cost: Including electric, heating and hot water for one year £710.17p 



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