Energy system cost & calculations

House type: Narvik 163.7m2
Foundation: 300mm insulation
Windows: 1.0 W/Km2 Triple glaze Aluminium glad
Insulation: horizontal roof 550mm
Heating: Air source heat pump
Foundation U-value: 0.122-0.155W/m2k
Wall: 0.15W/m2k

Ceiling: 0.11W/m2k
Air tightness:
Exterior doors:

Total Energy used

32.4kwh/m2y x 163.7m2=5303 KWh/y - 5303KWh/y x 1.50kr=79545kr/y English sterling at 10.7 to the £1.00

Total Energy consumption for electric, heating and hot water one year = £743.41*
Total Energy consumption:
 is 32.4kwh/sq/year

*Based on the climate in Northern England with an Air source heat pump.
The total energy consumption will decrease slightly when you come further to the South of England due to the climate and temperature.


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