Swedish solutions uses some of the best Environment products on the market. Timber of course comes in vast amounts in Sweden, but the best timber truly lies in the North of Sweden. Many companies especially in the timber frame industry will and always cut corners on good quality timber to save on cost. Swedish solution have always maintain the importance of using high quality timber in the timber frame super structure. Swedish solutions ultimate construction timber the main core of the low energy superstructure from the North of Sweden. This timber comes from the region of North Sweden where temperatures can drop below -30 degrees 

Passive seals and climate boards

Materials is what defines us from the rest. Climate boards manufactured with exceptional U-value and resistant to extreme weather, seals that can deliver ACH score 0.38ls/m2@50 pascal which is 50% better than the passive house standard.

Passive climate boards are frequently used in the Scandinavian region, the reason is they can produce very low U-values in the super structure and also eliminate any cold bridging that might occur in the cross section of the panel.  When designing low energy buildings climate boards are the only choice of many timber frame supplies in Sweden. The product can range in thickness of 20mm to 80mm depending of what frame and u-value you’re are looking to achieve.

The most critical point in any building systems is controlling the application of what you are trying to achieve. Low energy and passive systems have got a very simple sequence and that is Air tightness. Control the air tightness in any building system and you will end up with a very good energy efficient house.