Swedish Solutions Foundation - The environment comes first in Sweden

Swedish solutions are now offering the complete Swedish foundation system with over 300mm of insulation. The foundations are built using structural polystyrene (EPS) which can take loads of up to 12KN/M, making it a very excellent choice for any super structure especially timber frame. The EPS 300 can take loads of up to 120KN/M2 which is equivalent of about12 tonne/m2 and has a U-value of 0.122-0.155W/M2K


    • The EPS foundation systems have a vast superior advantage over the traditional block and bream system used in England. These advantages:
  • Less man power related and much quicker to install
  • 60% less concrete is required due to no footings or screed reducing the carbon footprint
  • 30% less heat loss through the floor due to the 300mm of insulation
  • Lower heating cost
  • A far superior U-value 0.122M2K

'The Forest is full of good energy in every respect. It is a sound investment from start to finish.'

"Homes from the forest"

This is the best way to describe the total concept of what we supply, wood is of course a neutral carbon material and contributes towards a long term durable environment compared with other building material.

The Swedish foundation system is one of today’s modern methods of construction, which is widely used in the Scandinavian region. A foundation constructed this way uses up to 40% less concrete and makes 33% better use of the insulation. In return, adding value to your property. For further information about the Swedish foundation, please contact us.