Swedish Solutions manufactures one of the most affordable passive houses you can buy

80% of the house is made from timber and recycled products which have the lowest CO2 cost of any other available building material. We believe the easiest route to mainstream Zero carbon housing is of course timber, which is a carbon neutral material even after allowing for transport. We offer the full service system from planning to the complete construction package:

  • Detail planning submission:
    Swedish Solutions or your Architect

  • Foundation design:
    Swedish Solutions or Engineer

  • Building Regulations and warrant submission to local Authority:
    Swedish Solutions

  • Project Manager:
    Swedish Solutions

  • Building contractor:
    Swedish Solutions or your local builder with supervision from us (if required)

  • Manufacture of the timber frame:
    Swedish Solutions

  • Delivery and Erection of the super structure:
    Swedish Solutions

  • Stage inspections:
    Swedish Solutions or Surveyor involved

  • Warranties of the Building:
    Superstructure Swedish Solutions / local Architect or NHBC for the Certification of the building

Watch the video below to see what it means, in practical terms, for a family to live climate-smart.
If you are not able to see the video please use the following link one-tonne life at youtube

Swedish solutions can now offer a variety of services...




million programme

from the planning process to Architectural drawings. We can also offer full turnkey solutions on certain designs with project management. The Swedish foundation system is now a standard system we use with all our timber frames in England. The U-value is fantastic and it also cuts out the time factor with the more traditional block and beam system used.

million programme


Where many companies talk about sustainability
& building ECO-Houses...

we base our emphasis on the environment and using products which have come from natural resources. We now use a special timber from the North of Sweden; this timber is called polar white, it’s very slow growing and has remarkable strength characteristics, this is the timber that lies at the main core of the Ultra low energy timber frame system.

Many companies now use so many different variations or types of insulation, we have only used one type and that’s the Swedish paroc system renowned for its recycle properties such as stone class and sand over 80% in its production.

Swedish Solutions produces one of the best timber frame building systems on the market in design construction and products. Don’t take my word for this take the time and contact us and see for yourself.

'The easiest route to mainstream zero carbon housing'