Case Study: The Rowe Family, Lip Hook, Surrey, England

The construction of the Rowe family project was definitely a challenge.

The building construction, was made difficult firstly by the number of narrow roads leading to the site and secondly the design, and implementation of the roof structure created added complications.

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Case Study: Little Acre, Cambridge, England

The house in Cambridge that defines Swedish Solutions' company ethic: Quality

This house was built for Phil and Claire Richards, who had a vision of the design and construction. Phil believes in quality, whereas Claire had strategies for time and schedules.

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Case Study: Pete Rumbles Garden Villa, England

This is a very special villa, not because of the design or the complication but because of Pete.

Pete is disabled and sadly cannot walk because of an illness at a very young age, so the house we designed had to consider this and importance was placed up it using our ultra-low energy system.

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Case Study: Steve Brown's Garden Lodge

The full concept of our ultra-low energy system; versatility, energy performance, and quality. 

Steve's background is engineering, so precision is a term he’s very familiar with, the design and layout of the lodge was very good layout for us to construct.

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