Bespoke Site Fabricated Timber Frame Homes

A bespoke site fabricated solution

Whilst factory fabrication provides an ideal environment for the manufacture and assembly of our advanced paneling systems, not all sites can accommodate the delivery, unloading and crane erection that it requires. As there are many building plots which have tight access, poor unloading and storage areas or a design which simply does not fit with the standard offerings, we provide a bespoke site fabricated solution which will provide exactly the same energy performance and air tightness, but can be designed and built to suit the exact requirements for the plot and the building conditions that you have.


The Beginning of the low energy super structure is quite fascinating...

Often there is concern about the timescale for the delivery and construction of the site fabricated option, as the speed of manufacture obtained by the factory is lost – however, as we undertake all of the design, engineering, drawing and site fabrication drawings ‘in-house’ we can usually start and complete the design, supply and erection is the same or less time than from order to erection from our factory. If you have concerns about the UK weather and think your building fabric will be compromised by it during its build, let us assure you that your building will be made weather tight with all windows, doors and temporary roof coverings applied and the moisture content inside will be monitored until the fitting of the insulation and other internal finishes can be fitted.

'Energy performance and air tightness. Without design compromise.'

"We work with you to optimise your home"

Not all projects which utilise our bespoke service are the result of sites with restricted access, many want to be able to have something built to exacting standards, whether it’s a given U Value or a specific thickness or a desire to use ‘State of the Art’ materials which are not being used in full scale production, we work with you to optimise your home.