Swedish Solutions manufactures bespoke and prefabricated, affordable passive houses.

Formed in 1962 the philosophy was to build houses more efficient then anyone else in the market with the quality and expertise we had gained throughout the years. We have always built houses that provide more than just a roof over your head, and feel proud that we have succeeded in making us known for our personal architect-designed house, with a quality above the norm. We can assist you with the following elements of your new build:

  • Detail planning submission:
    Swedish Solutions or your Architect

  • Foundation design:
    Swedish Solutions or Engineer

  • Building Regulations and warrant submission to local Authority:
    Swedish Solutions

  • Project Manager:
    Swedish Solutions

  • Building contractor:
    Swedish Solutions or your local builder with supervision from us (if required)

  • Manufacture of the timber frame:
    Swedish Solutions

  • Delivery and Erection of the super structure:
    Swedish Solutions

  • Stage inspections:
    Swedish Solutions or Surveyor involved

  • Warranties of the Building:
    Superstructure Swedish Solutions / local Architect or NHBC for the Certification of the building


The Philosophy of Swedish Solutions

is that a new house becomes a part of the whole together with other elements such as environment, gardening, interior design and most of all the family living there. A good house must endure all situations in life, and we know that a great feeling of home is one of the most important aspects of life, this philosophy we call the built-in thoughtfulness.